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August 2013

ABS has successfully tendered for the maintenance of the Gas-Fired Boilers at D W Sport & Fitness clubs throughout the country.

This will consist of maintaining Hoval burners which supply hot water to the swimming pools, showers and sinks. We have also obtained the contract to inspect the boiler houses and check all plumbing, pumps and panel operations.

ABS have also gained, on the back of the above, the contract to service all the Roberts Gordon Radiant heaters and the Combat/Powrmatic warm air blowers at the D W Shop outlets.

We have again, successfully won the service contract for Mole Valley Farmers shops, this contract includes maintenance on gas and oil fired warm air blowers, boilers, AHU and radiant tubes.

We have also successfully tendered for the Blue Diamond Group, maintaining all of their gas and oil fired warm air blowers and boilers throughout the country, including Jersey.

Portland Prison – ABS have won the installation of several Nor-Ray-Vac gas fired radiant heating systems for E.I.C Ltd at Portland Prison. This includes the installation of the radiant heating system, burners, pumps, reflectors and final commissioning.