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Installation News June 2016

Col Mar Construction (Breeze Volkswagon)

ABS in conjuntion with Ambi Rad and Colmar Construction supplied various Ambi Rad heaters in various locations at the new dealership in Poole, Dorset. The heaters were a mixture of warm air and radiant heaters, all controlled by Smartcom control panels.

J Pat Bristol

ABS replaced the unrepairable PGUH Powrmatic with a new NVX on LPG gas supply, the old heater had cracks in the heat exchanger so was beyond economical repair. The new heater was completed with 2 x sweep fans over the work benches.

Network Rail (Tate Technical)

ABS in conjunction with Tate Technical replaced the 2 x Remeha boilers with 2 x new high efficiency ones, also made by Remeha. The installation carried out involved removing the boilers and pipework - replacing them with new, including pipework alterations, power flushing and cleaning.


Service Department (June 2016)

Some of the service contracts we have been awarded this this month include;

  • Powrmatic Warm Air Heaters at Lockbrook Transport Depot, Bath
  • Annual servie of Ambi Rad AR35 radiant heaters, Powrmatic NVX warm air heaters, boilers, air conditioning units and condensors installed at Smythson Ltd, Swindo
  • A large quantity of Blackheat BH30 radiant heaters installed at Norton Fluid Power
  • Blackheat and Space Ray Radiant Heaters at Thornes Park Stadium