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Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is best described as working in the same way as the sun, heating objects and people within its locality, rather than heating the air. This is an ideal option if you require heat in a specific area, or to heat a small part of a larger building. It is also recommended for area’s that are heavily ventilated as radiant heating does not waste energy heating the air, which is often lost, as like other forms of heating.  

Radiant heating is an idyllic heating solution for either industrial or commercial premises. We can fully design a system that is suitable for your needs, whether it be a full installation or a revamp of your current system.

Electric Radiant Heating Panels

Infracomfort infrared panels can be used anywhere from houses, offices, schools, restaurants, garages and industrial buildings. It can also be used for additional heating for conservatories or similar.
The panels come in Aluminium, Glass or Plaster to suit your needs.

Aluminium  Glass Plaster
*Slim Design  *Frameless & Slim *PU Insulated, no heat loss to back
*Low Profile only 1.5cm *Low Profile only 2.5cm *Paintable Surface

*White colour or individual

Image print

*Exclusive Colours & Mirror

or individual image print

*Can be used in Suspended ceilings


Ø  Energy Saving, 50-70%
Ø  No condensation, mould or dust movement
Ø  Small heat loss
Ø  Safe for Children
Ø  Easy Installation
Ø  No Maintenance – 100% all life cycle maintenance free (approx. 30 years)
Ø  No local emissions of CO²