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  February 2016

 Installation Department (February 2016)


Anthony Best Dynamics - Bradford-upon-Avon

ABS Radiant & Warm Air Specialists installed a new Powrmatic warm air blower to their new unit in Melksham. This heater is controlled by a Caledonian Controller and sensor, along with 2 x Sweep Fans to distribute the heat more evenly. 


Glendale Horticulture ...

  January 2016

 Installation Department (January 2016)


LTI Metaltech Ltd - Abingdon

ABS supplied and installed 8 x New Nortek UDSA Warm Air Blowers to replace the original Ambi-Rad heaters which had cracks in the heat exchangers.


Carbon One - Chippenham

We supplies and installed a new Radiant Tube ...

  December 2015 - Installation Department

 Autominus - Stroud

On behalf of DJ Hewer of Gloucester, we installed 24 Ambi-Rad 30KW Vision heaters on an LPG supply. These heaters have been installed in Autominus' new production facility, the heaters are controlled by Smartcom and black bulb sensing. The heaters also have fresh air intakes in one half of the factory.

Flexipads - Avonmouth

ABS supplied and ...

  November 2015

FTL - Leeds

ABS Radiant & Warm Air heating specialists have installed new fresh air ducting to the 24 x Ambi-Rad radiant heaters at this site, the heaters had been poorly maintained in the past and the use of corrosive materials caused corrosion to large parts of the installation. The new ducting gives the burners un-contaminated air for combustion and a full service was then carried out.

  November 2015

Jo Bird Ltd - Highbridge

ABS Radiant & Warm Air heating specialists have fitted 4 x Powrmatic radiant heaters on a 2 burner - 1 fan herringbone system at each end of a production unit. The system has been designed by Powrmatic to give heating in two designated areas. ABS completed the installation without disruption to the production unit and was commissioned by our own engineers.

  November 2015

Welsh Water - Pontyclun

Along with Nomenco, ABS Radiant & Warm Air heating specialists have installed 4 x Powrmatic NVX 20 warm air heaters, controlled by an MC200 control panel. The heaters are powered by LPG supply and have been mounted in each corner of the building.

  October 2015

Honda - Cardiff

ABS Radiant & Warm Air heating specialists renewed the faulty boiler at the Honda garage as the original Powrmatic boiler was beyond repair. We fitted a new Evomax boiler along with a new circulation pump.

  October 2015

Charltons World of Timber

ABS Radiant & Warm Air heating specialists installed 4 x Ambi-Rad radiant U tubes to a new facility at their timber yard in Radstock. ABS extended the LPG gas supply to enable the units to work and put in new flues. All heaters were controlled by Enercal panels from Caledonian Controls Ltd of Nuneaton.

  October 2015

Fullbrooks of England - Gloucester

Fullbrooks of England commissioned ABS Radiant & Warm Air heating specialists to move and service 2 x Gas Rad heaters to their new production facility. We also fitted new energy efficient controls to each heater.

  October 2015

Pershore Squash Club - Pershore

ABS Radiant & Warm Air heating specialists in conjunction with Roberts Gordon, have installed 2 x Combat CUHA heaters to heat two squash courts at the above premises - this was to replace the existing Ambi-Rad heaters. The warm air heaters are angle mounted to aim direct the warm air into each court. This installation included new gas pipework and concentric flues, with energy efficient controls.