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  May 2011

Promotional Campaign with Garden trade

Arnold Building Services launched a promotional campaign with Garden trade news magazine to promote the services of the company and to also make centres and companies aware of the differing options available with the maintenance of their commercial heating equipment and controls.

  June 2015

Screwfix – Clacton

Along with Resolution Interiors of Yeovil, we installed a 30KW Combat BH Radiant tube to heat the staff whilst serving the public. Controlled by a simple Caledonian panel with radiant sensor, allowing the staff to operate when they want. Using natural gas the radiant heater is mounted 5.5m above ffl to give optimum coverage.

  June 2015

Screwfix – Malvern

As above, the system comprises of 1 x 30KW gas-fired radiant tube heater, mounted at 5.5m above ffl.

  June 2015

Screwfix – Kenley

As above, the store is heated by a 30KW heater with the usual controls and mounting height.

  May 2015

RNAS - Yeovilton

In conjunction with S.E.S, ABS have installed a 18-burner Nor-Ray-Vac system to Hangar 10, complete with fresh air ducting due to aviation fuel being present. A full gas network was also installed from a high pressure main, being reduced to 21.4mb into the building. The system manufacturers, Ambi-Rad designed the system in conjunction with ABS and S.E.S.

  May 2015

Hewer FM – Aston down Airfield, Stroud

An Ambi-Rad vision herringbone system has been installed into a hangar at Aston down Airfield in Stroud. The system consist of 27 x vision AR HB burners with 8 x herringbone fans with zone controllers. Operating on LPG gas supply, the system is fully installed, using fresh sir ducting in the half of the building where solvents are present.

  May 2015

Thermatic – Various B&M Stores

In conjunction with Thermatic in Manchester, we have installed Reznor warm air heaters to two B&M stores, one in Tottenham and one in Tiverton. The heaters have balanced flues and sweep fans to distribute the warm air.

  April 2015

Silverfish - Saltash

Following an Ambi-Rad recommendation, we installed an Ambi-Rad USDA warm air heater along with control panel. A de-strat fan was fitted at high level to aid distribution of the warm air.

  April 2015

Mole Valley Farmers - Yeovil

Due to a faulty heat exchanger we have recently installed a Benson oil-fired heater over the ‘goods in’ door to the warehouse. The heater is operated by a Caledonian panel with sensor and has a sweep fan at high level.

  April 2015

Berkhampstead Gym

Two gas-fired radiant heaters have been replaced by 2 x Space-Ray SRU 35KW radiant heaters, including sports guards and flues.