Martyn Celebrates 41 Years

Fourty-one years ago, in 1978 aged 22, I started working with a company called Phoenix Burners - manufacturer of gas-fired radiant heating system called Nor-Ray-Vac - alongside many other colleagues who went on to other radiant heating manufacturers.

As is typical in the progression of time and commerce, Phoenix Burners was acquired in the 90's by the then named Ambi-Rad, now known as Nortek Global Limited. At that point, Arnold Building Services Limited had been trading independently within the radiant and warm air heating industry for at least ten years - and continues to do so.

As a result, I have spent a long time in the industry and have enjoyed some good times, as well as difficult, but have emerged from the latter stronger as a result. This has only been achieved with the team alongside me. The company has employed many people with some outstanding success (and some dismal failures!!) and we currently have 18 employees with a total of 167 years experience in the industry.

During my career, I have met (and sadly lost) many people that I have been fortunate to call a friend, as well as a colleague.

Thank you all for your support and now, aged 62, I am looking forward to continuing to offer our services for a few more years at least.

- Martyn