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  April 2015

Lorne Stewart – Powerhouse, Llanederyn

Lorne Stewart asked ABS to look at replacing an old Nor-Ray-Vac system with new. ABS, along with Ambi-Rad designed a new 4-burner system to be fitted into the roof space with the vacuum fan situated in the stairwell. The system has a smartcom panel installed in the reception area so staff can operate it as the hall is being used.

  March 2015

GRP Ltd - Derby

GRP Ltd based in Derby asked Countrywide for a new gas supply to a new building they were occupying. Countrywide installed an LPG supply into two buildings – ABS installed 2 x Benson warm air heaters to give background heating to each.

  February 2015

Shepherd Engineering Services Ltd – RAF Yeovilton, Hangar 10

We have won an order with Shepherd Engineering Services Ltd (SES) to supply and install a Nor-Ray-Vac radiant heating system in Hangar 10 at RAF Yeovilton. The system is to replace the old hot water panels which were beyond repair. The Nor-Ray-Vac system is hung at approximately 6 metres from ground level and has fresh air ducting for combustion due to the aviation fuel.Read »

  February 2015

Russell Finex – Feltham

ABS have been asked to supply and install 1 x Systema Infra radiant heater, rated at 25KW to heat an area that is currently unheated within their existing factory.

  February 2015

Applied Automation – Plympton

We have won the contract to supply and install 2 x Space-Ray 45KW radiant tube heaters on a Herringbone system to heat a small area of a new, large warehouse. This area is open to the rest of the warehouse and radiant heating was the best solution for this layout.

  February 2015

Lorne Stewart – Powerhouse, Wales
ABS, in conjunction with Lorne Stewart of South Wales are replacing the old Co-Ray-Vac radiant heating system with a new Nor-Ray-Vac one. The installation includes the removal of the old system and replacing it with technically up-to-date equipment.

  February 2015

RAF Lyneham - Wiltshire

ABS has won an additional contract at Lyneham to supply and install Ambi-Rad Vision Radiant heaters into another hangar on behalf of Invek of Bristol. The system includes the gas distribution to all burners and commissioning.

  February 2015

J.B Motors – Rangeworthy

We have installed an oil-fired radiant tube heater and a warm air heater in two workshops at J B Motors in Rangeworthy, South Gloucestershire. The oil-fired tube is manufactured by Systema in Italy and is the only oil-fired radiant tube to be made. The heater is controlled by a Caledonian controller with a radiant sensing Black Bulb sensor. The warm air heater is manufactured by ...

  December 2014

G M Coachworks – Newton Abbott (December 2014)

Our long standing customer, G M Coachworks, moved into a new facility at Newton Abbott – no heating was present. ABS, along with Space-Ray has provided a radiant heating system comprising of 2 x heaters with a combined fan to exhaust the flue gases.

  November 2014

Lancer Scott – Bristol (Old VOSA Building) (November 2014)

ABS has won a contract to install 3 x Powrmatic 20KW Gas fired warm air heaters to heat the Ambulance Storage Depot. The system is designed to give back ground heat.