Air Handling Units

Regulate and circulate air with ABS' air handling units

An air handling unit, also known as an AHU, is a device used to regulate and circulate air as part of a HVAC system.
Versatile and configured to meet your needs

Air handling units consist of a metal box containing heating or cooling elements, a blower, mixing chamber or filter racks, dampers and sound attenuators.

These units typically connect to a ventilation ductwork system that dispenses the conditioned air through the building and back to the air handling unit.

ABS Radiant Heating
Personal, friendly approach

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, personal service with air handling units designed and tailored to your specific needs. 

Designed to perform, our AHU systems offer a flexible solution to heating your business premises.

ABS Radiant Heating
In summary
  • Lengthy experience with air handling units
  • Assisting with radiant heating systems, warm air heaters, AHU and boilers, etc
  • Gas-accredited lead fitters
  • Flexible, versatile approach to heating and cooling systems
  • Friendly, personal service
  • Products designed to meet your needs

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