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What is Space-Ray heating?

Space-Ray are an HVAC company known to deliver outstanding, valuable gas heating products for their customers. They provide energy-efficient radiant heating products for all types of spaces, helping you find the perfect HVAC solution. 

What makes Space-Ray stand out from the crowd is their ability to fill any heating need. They “know heat”, and they design systems that meet the needs of every possible space you could imagine. With Space-Ray heating solutions, you will discover exactly what you need and will be able to find the right product to do the job. 

Is Space-Ray heating right for me?

Why choose us to install your Space-Ray HVAC solution? Put simply, our team at ABS have a wealth of experience and understanding of radiant heaters and the different spaces and facilities that require specialised heating. We also do our research to find the best manufacturers in the UK – ones who have a proven track record of reliability, sustainability, and safety. 

And Space-Ray pass with flying colours! With years of experience in the heating industry, Space-Ray radiant heaters are perfect for factories, warehouses, sports halls and more. That’s why we recommend Space-ray products for areas that are within industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings. 

Experienced, qualified team

With more than 70 years of experience in the heating industry, Space-Ray know a thing or two about what makes a quality radiant heater, and they know how to design and build heating products for various facilities. 

HVAC systems that cover all bases

Space-Ray make it easy to find the right HVAC product to meet your needs. There’s a heating solution for every industrial building, outdoor space, and even those hard-to-heat areas!

Intelligent, energy-saving heating

When it comes to heating large areas, you have to think smart. Space-Ray take the pressure off of you by providing a wide range of heating solutions and options that will help you find a product that will cut costs and save you money long-term.

Appointed by Fraccaro

ABS Radiant Heating are pleased to announce that they have been appointed by Fraccaro of Italy to be the UK service, commissioning and installation representatives for them. They have also appointed Space Ray as their UK distributer for their GIRAD systems.

ABS Radiant Heating have installed several systems at sites such as Tata Steel, RNAS Culdrose, Bournemouth Airport and we currently have contracts ongoing at UPS, Airbus new electric train facility in Cardiff. The GIRAD can replace the old Sonning systems and is also a replacement for the newly discontinued Nor Ray Vac System

Flexible maintenance packages on Space-Ray heating

In search of a HVAC solution that will check off all your requirements? No problem! We provide a free onsite survey to discover what heating or ventilation system will operate well in your facility. You will then receive a quote from our qualified Space-Ray engineers. They will work closely with you to install your fully operational system and provide you with all the information you need.  

Pros of Space-Ray heating Maintenance Packages

Ranging from a standard one-year, three-year, or five-year contract, you’ll get fully inclusive, extended warranties on installations that are installed by ABS Ltd.

Our friendly, professional engineers are exceptionally trained, Gas Safe accredited, and equipped with the right equipment to service your heating system.

  • 24-hour dedicated phone line
  • Nationwide coverage - Our engineers are based throughout the UK and on hand 24 hours a day
  • Assisting with radiant heating systems, warm air heaters, AHU and boilers, etc.
ABS Radiant Heating

Our Space-Ray heating services

At ABS, we can provide you with the supply, installation, and continuous maintenance and repairs of the Space-Ray radiant and warm air heating solutions. 

Space-Ray Installation

With our Space-Ray heating and ventilation engineers, you’ll experience a smooth, safe, and exceptional installation process set up to meet your individual requirements. From the initial visit through to completion, you’ll have our Space-Ray experts ensuring the safety and functionality of your installed system. 

Space-Ray Maintenance

To make sure your Space-Ray heating solution meet regulations and keeps your workers safe, regular maintenance is essential. We provide maintenance packages to give you ongoing support as and when you need it. 

Space-Ray Repair & Servicing

Our professional team of service engineers are qualified and equipped to deal with the service and repairs on Space-Ray heating and all other commercial and industrial heating. See our flexible packages for more information. 

How to take the next step

Every project has its unique requirements, and all factors need to be considered. So we want to give you all the information you need to help you make the right decision for your business.

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Popular Space-Ray models we install and work with

  • ADL – ADU Radiant Heaters
  • ADL – ADU – Herringbone Radiant Heaters
  • LRL – LRU – Herringbone Radiant Heaters
  • LRDL Double Linear Radiant Heaters
  • EDA – L Radiant Heaters
  • EDA - U Radiant HEaters
  • Space Ray GIRAD Continuous Radiant Heaters
  • SRP/Ultra/ WB10CE/ ERP Radiant Heaters
  • SUH-S+ Warm Air Heaters
  • SUH – DC Warm Air Heaters
  • SUH – T Warm Air Heaters
  • SUH – DCE Warm Air Heaters
  • SUH – E Warm Air Heaters
  • SR – AMC Door Curtain Warm Air Heaters
  • SD + SR Fans
  • SCB60 + 30 Control Units
  • SRC Continuous

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