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Welcome to ABS Radiant Heating

As one of the UK's leading industrial and commercial heating specialists, we pride ourselves in providing quality, personal service in the installation of gas and oil-fired radiant and warm air heating systems.

With over 40 years of experience, ABS offers a full range of professional services, including the installation and maintenance of both radiant and warm air heating systems for commercial and industrial properties nationwide.

We offer our customers the most comprehensive range of heating solutions available in Europe – from warm air units and radiant heating systems to energy-saving control systems. These products have been proven in some of the world’s most prestigious and demanding applications.

Roberts Gordon/Combat heating

Combat Heating Solutions are the commercial and industrial heating experts. Their customer-focused designs offer energy-efficient heating and ventilation systems that will save you money in the long run. 

What we love about them is their creative, inventive approach to HVAC systems, and we are proud to partner with them to bring you the best HVAC solutions. 

ABS Radiant Heating
Nortek AmbiRad Reznor

AmbiRad, now part of the Reznor group is the industry leading manufacturer of radiant heating solutions.

AmbiRad Reznor deliver sustainable HVAC products and solutions that improve the enviroments in your building. We have been installing and servicing AmbiRad heators with over 40 years experience.

We can help design fully a new AmbiRad Reznor heating solution as well as supply, installation, and continuious maintance and repairs of these radiant heating solutions.

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ABS Radiant Heating

For over 70 years, Powrmatic has been providing reliable and efficient HVAC systems to industrial and commercial businesses across the globe. Their experience in climate control solutions ensures that customers get the highest quality products, on-time delivery, and expert advice. 

If you require a regular Powrmatic heating product or a personalized solution to suit your particular needs, Powrmatic has the necessary experience and capability to make it happen. 


Powrmatic Heating

Space-Ray are the pioneers of smart, effective, heating solutions known to deliver outstanding, valuable gas heating products for their customers. They provide energy-efficient radiant heating products for all types of spaces, helping you find the perfect HVAC solution.  

With Space-Ray heating solutions, you will discover exactly what you need and will be able to find the right product to do the job.


ABS Radiant Heating

Winterwarm Heating Solutions are the worldwide specialists in industrial and agricultural heating. They have established themselves as leaders in the global heating solutions market, renowned for their superior quality, innovative products, and customer-oriented services.  

With a commitment to excellence, they have become the premier provider of radiant heating solutions for industrial and agricultural applications. 


ABS Radiant Heating
In summary

Our professional team of service engineers are fully qualified and well equipped to deal with the installation and maintenance of all types of commercial and industrial heating. All works are carried out in line with the relevant manufacturer specification and in accordance with the latest legislation.

With over 40 years' experience in warm air and radiant heating systems, we have the knowledge and skills needed to provide you with the best heating solution and the support that goes with it. We take a tailored approach to every task, designing bespoke heating solutions on a project by project basis.

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