Been told your heater needs replacing?

At ABS Ltd we can carry out replacement of heaters that spares are now no longer available for or have issues which render them unsuitable or in need of being replaced.

An example of this is with the Space Ray RSTP heaters, the newer Space heater the SRLU, has a burner which can be retro fitted to the old RSTP burner tubes and with a few small mechanical and electrical adjustments. This is a far cheaper way of getting your heating back up and running than a costly removal and re-installation.

Likewise, the Ambi Rad AR+ER burners are no longer available as is the case with the Space Ray’s, so we at ABS have been retaining the AR+ER burners that we have removed from various sites – they have then been tested on our test rig, serviced, cleaned and are now ready to be put back into service as they will also fit straight on to the existing pipework.

For a free, no obligation quotation to look at repairing or replacing your heating please get in touch with us here at ABS Ltd. .

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