Are Radiant Heaters worth it?

2. Are Radiant Heaters worth it?

A question you might ask when looking for a heating solution is “Which one is better, Radiant heaters or Warm Air heaters?” – this is a question we get asked a lot. And with each enquiry there are varying factors – budget, size of the building, fuel, running costs, access, zone ability – to name just a few!!

The basic principle of Radiant versus Warm Air is that Radiant heats objects (e.g. bodies, furniture, etc) and Warm Air heats the air. Usually, the bigger the building the more cost affective radiant heating becomes – due to its zone ability.

Warm air heats the volume of air in the building, and to a degree, will spread all over - but at high level, which is why destratification fans would usually be needed in a warm air installation.

We have recently completed a job with 40 radiant tubes which have 8 zones. This enables the customer to have complete control over which areas of the building are heated or they are able to have different temperatures in each zone depending on what activities might take place in a particular area etc.

At ABS Ltd, we cater for both types of heating and pride ourselves on giving you an honest, unbiased view of which type of heating would be best for your job.

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