Our history with the Nor-Ray-Vac heating system

Congratulations to Reznor on their recent post regarding the existing Nor-Ray-Vac heating system.

ABS has also had a long-standing involvement with that heating system as since 1992, we have installed, commissioned and maintained the systems throughout the UK and are now recognised as one of the country’s leading radiant heating specialists.

Our story however starts way back in 1978 when, in conjunction with three other companies, ABS commissioned and maintained the original version of the Nor-Ray-Vac system, as manufactured by Phoenix Burners.

When Phoenix Burners unfortunately entered administration and then liquidation in 1992, Ambi-Rad (who eventually became Nortek and now Reznor) purchased the company and ultimately the Nor-Ray-Vac system, adapting it as it is today.

Since then, as a company we have collectively acquired an extensive knowledge of this system and our experience has taken us into larger sites, including airport hangars, railway depots, army barracks, and prisons, slightly smaller sites including factories, warehouses, sports centres, car showrooms, garages and small industrial premises.